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Dear boy
Dear Boy,
whose straight-to-the-point definition
of the girl-boy connection
made me question if I and our century
belong to each other -
With a book in your hand,
you looked innocent
but from now on
I will not trust books
because they may be forced
to recommend people
they would never choose
You should know,
Harry Potter would never ask
- not after twenty minutes of small-talk -
if our bodies could become friends,
he would just listen and talk
With a cautious mind
I left you in rush
but from now on
I will chew the time well
because it may be defiled
forced to hide certain flaws
i will never grow to accept.
- Not wishing you anything,
the girl who’s her own king
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 2 1
Had a one-way ticket
and sold it
I'm running on empty
as the road unfolds
I have no certain destination
but for the first time
I might be hitting the right station
I finally started calling myself
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 5 4
Good old war
Obey your guts! Obey your mind!
Close your eyes, but don't act blind!
Walk straight, but hold your head down!
Feel like a beggar, but fight for a crown!
Do it all, but good old war
will find you anyway
if nothing in your core
happens to listen to itself.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 5 5
I I I need to need to
tame storms inside me
but thunders, oh, they won't stop
they want to bite me
they burn everything inside me
but leave my skin untouched
so my exterior seems fine
despite me being dead
and never coming back alive.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 4 3
i am breathless
on the treadmill
called life,
when i want to be
a cheetah,
but when i start
to run in sync
with my own pace
i slowly become a
dressed as myself.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 5 0
I know I'm stone cold -
I have always been.
Truth to be told,
that's not my only sin
but when I'm with you...
everything's evergreen.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 5 2
Impossible to decode
Impossible to decode,
this is what I should be,
but because I need love,
I'm just a weak breed.
For all those who destroyed me,
for all those who never cared,
I will still, still adore you
cleaning windows in hell.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 3 7
In love
i've fallen in love
with softness of places
i've never been in
as their harsh edges
never did hurt my skin
i've fallen in love
with texture of words
i've never heard aloud
as their sweet texture
blooms among the crowd
i've fallen in love
with everything I'm yet to see
as the wanderlust chose my heart
as the permanent home
of a lovely fantasy
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 5 5
I am like...
I'm like a train
leaving everything behind
I'm like a plane
wanting to soar high
I'm like a boat
loving the sea
and I'm like a human
because I'm just me
and yet you see
the lost kid instead of me
because I dare to dream
and it's prohibited in your team
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 6 2
I'm no Charles Bukowski
i'm no Charles Bukowski
and i will never be
but i like the ocean of words
floating around me
because neither demons nor angels
can find me
while i attempt to be more
than the ash spitted on the floor
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 3 4
the monster
after years of running away
i think the monster found me
and instead of gold brought grey
shades of a raging lonely sea -
me falling for you,
out of blue.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 3 11
X- rays
Today my friend suggested
getting my body tested
as I began to lose myself.
X-rays learnt the truth,
examining my careless youth,
and made a verdict.
Stardust in my spine
could not be mine,
neither purely human.
X-rays showed the truth,
magical gravity of youth
did not  look human.
Poets saw that coming.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 3 5
Lie, lie, lie darlin'
Lie, lie, lie darlin'
until you get enough pennies
to buy even a little bit of truth
That's a tragedy of youth
Yesterday we build a fort
today our love was cut short
because we just didn't agree
on what idea of forever would be
I know what I feel like doin'
fighting for love, love, love
Would you like to join me
There's a magic you'd enjoy
I know what you feel like doin'
making kingdoms out of ruins
I would love to join you babe
No tomorrow, so don't say maybe
Lie, lie, lie darlin'
until we create a happy ending
out of episodes of pretending
that it's what we really want
Lie, lie, lie darlin'
until we get to better days
to save our ideals
without confusing ways
© jessiepetrova
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 3 11
We are serpents
we are serpents
our fathers have seduced
plenty of Eves -
always in disguise
of perfection
we are serpents -
our mothers have killed
thousands seeds
of innocence
we are serpents -
little have we been doing
besides deceiving
those who love us
You and me -
we do not differ a lot
we both rot
on the planet of serpents.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 8 11
Favorite old universe
The aquarium was my home,
and you looked like a sea,
I longed to get lost in your waves
and your arms friendly welcomed me.
I thought I belonged there,
under your starry stare.
I guess it was just a stop by,
so we both learnt to be less shy.
I still like the way you smile -
you were beautifully worthwhile,
but as our paths reverse -
farewell, my favorite old universe.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 7 20
I followed the shore
I followed the shore
down the stream
just to find out
your dead body has
already met the sea
I followed the shore
down the stream
just to miss out
the chance to be the last one
you wouldn't see
I followed the shore
down the stream
just to let you go alone
for the biggest challenge
you have ever done...
being without me.
:iconjessiepetrova:jessiepetrova 4 3




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